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Good Friday and Christian Music

Yesterday was Good Friday. For the last several years, it’s been the Christian holiday that I’ve most consistently emotionally connected with. Easter is a close second, but in this post I’d like to discuss a more general topic that I think explains why I’ve connected with Good Friday.

When I first started attending my church, City on a Hill in Brookline, I loved everything about the church, but surprisingly, it was the music that stood out the most. For a long time, I wasn’t really sure why. I knew that they sung a different mix of songs than I was used to, and somehow I loved them, but it wasn’t until a sermon by Fletcher Lang six weeks ago that I realized why.
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Games and Addiction

As I wrote in my “I’m Back” update, I’m going to fill in what happened in the previous year steadily in smaller chunks, rather than all at once. I’ll go in approximately reverse chronological order, meaning I’ll start with what’s happened most recently.

Prior to these last two weeks of living intentionally, the previous three weeks of my life were characterized by one thing: Games. I’d like to take a step back and look at this in the context of my life and previous approaches to games before describing what I learned about myself during that three-week stretch.

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I’m Back!

Hello everyone!

Whew! It’s been a year since I’ve done any written reflection like this. If you didn’t already receive them, I used to write rather long reflection documents and e-mail them out to my family and close friends. Now, after talking with some of you about this, I’ve decided to move to a blog format. Feel free to subscribe!

Why now? Well, the last two weeks, I’ve made a serious effort to live intentionally, keeping a schedule of my time, and now that i’s clear that that’s here to stay, reflecting is something I decided I’d like to have in that routine, probably at the rate of about one post every week or two.

Now, there’s a year of my life that many of you only have snippets of, and I’ve sketched some thoughts down about that time that I’ll slowly add back in when it feels appropriate.

Why here? I created this blog over a year ago with the hopes of populating it with deep theological reflection on the intersection of Christianity and rationalism. Well, I’ll still hopefully have some deep reflections here, but I’ll also (and possibly primarily) share personal stories and realizations from my life.