Monthly Archives: July 2015

Singapore: Getting There

Hello from Singapore! I’m currently visiting with Grace for vacation and a chance to meet her friends and family. This will be the first of a few blog posts about my experience and further thoughts.

When we first booked our flights to Singapore in April, Grace reminded me to check if my passport was up-to-date. Sure enough, it expired in 2016, so I thought I was fine. Little did I know… Read more of this post

A Real-Life Trolley Problem

Many of you are probably familiar with the Trolley Problem, a classic ethics problem phrased something like this:

There is an unstoppable trolley hurtling down its track towards three innocent victims tied to the track. You’re fairly certain they will be killed instantly if the trolley reaches them. Fortunately, you find yourself standing next to a switch which can alter the route of the trolley away from those three people, saving them. Unfortunately, there is another innocent victim tied to the alternative stretch of track, and you’re fairly certain that the trolley would kill him if you diverted it. Do you flip the switch? Read more of this post

The Fear Inside

My last blog post focused on supporting the governmental recognition of gay marriage from an evangelical Christian perspective. It sparked several series of Facebook comments and a wide-ranging discussion that hasn’t stopped. Outside that public light, several people reached out to me individually, to talk more or simply to encourage me for posting it. In all, this foray of my blog into a political hot potato has gone even better than expected, and I’m encouraged by the way it’s brought people from different parts of my life together.

To continue this objective, I thought I’d try to describe a sort of meta-worldview that I noticed popping up in the discussion, and in some other contexts. Yes, this is going to be another one of those posts, where each section describes a different angle on the same topic. Stick with me. Read more of this post

Welcome to!

This is the new website for my blog! When I started blogging over on Blogspot, I wasn’t sure how long I’d be able to keep it up, so I was happy to use the simplest blogging interface available. Having written posts almost weekly for four and a half months now, my blog has started to pick up speed. At the encouragement of Grace and the rest of the internet, I’ve moved my blog over to this new domain via, which will be the permanent location of the blog.

So check out my new About page for some of my background motivation for starting this blog, and my new Best page for some of the highlights from the content that I’ve written so far. Update posts like this one will show up under the Meta category. I plan to continue posting approximately weekly for the foreseeable future, so follow, like, and comment away!