Welcome to my blog! I started this blog originally on Blogspot in 2010, but four years later, didn’t have much to show for it. After a handful of solid posts in 2014, in February 2015, I tried to post approximately weekly, on whatever topics come to mind that week. As my readership grew, in July 2015, I decided to migrate the blog over to WordPress. After a year and a half of posting very intermittently, in February 2017, I made an actually achievable plan to post weekly on Fridays at 5:00 PM EDT.

My main philosophy behind starting this blog is to share the thoughts that I have towards topics of interest to many people, coming from someone who identifies as both an evangelical Christian and a modern rationalist. I don’t pretend to be the only such writer; the name “The Christian Rationalist” just sounds better to me than “A Christian Rationalist.”

If you’re wondering, the cover photo is the Boston skyline, the city that I’ve fallen in love with since moving here for grad school. It also features the Longfellow Bridge in the foreground, which serves as another metaphor for how I want to connect the worlds of rationality and Christianity through this blog.

Since writing regularly, there’s been one consistent trend: Most of my posts tend to be magazine-length essays, with the average length around 2000 words. I’ve found that this long form allows me to thoroughly address whatever my subject is, often drawing connections between particular examples or perspectives.

Eventually, I hope this blog will spark further conversation and develop a community that engages deeply with everything in life! For now, I’m just focusing on writing a critical mass of good content to make the blog worth visiting in the first place, as well as developing my skills as a writer. Let me know what you think I could improve by leaving a comment!


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