Attempting to become a regular blogger


In case it isn’t obvious, it’s been over half a year since I posted anything here. That didn’t exactly match my original vision for the blog, and I’m now attempting to revive it.

“But wait,” you think, “is this just going to be one of those typical second-to-last blog posts promising a certain level of content, before the blog goes dormant forever? The internet is littered with those sorts of blogs!”

No, that’s not how this is going to go. In fact, to prepare for this return, I already have six posts drafted (to varying levels of completion), with a handful of other ideas on the table after those are used up. I’m aiming to spend more of my idle time thinking and writing and less of it on mindless activities.

I estimate that I can sustainably post about once a week, so I’m going to plan to do so every Monday morning from here on out. Come back tomorrow to hear what I think about Soylent, the meal replacement I’ve been trying out for the last few months!


PS While I’m pretty excited and confident that this will happen, if any of you has experience regularly blogging like this (writing on the order of a thousand words a week for a personal blog), I’d appreciate hearing what helped you keep going!

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